Thursday, March 1, 2012

Yeah yeah, blog post.

So I've been skipping on blog posts because I want some new things to talk about when I get home. So I'll just post a few pics and a few things int his entry. I probably won't write again until I get home. Ok?

So we went to the Aizu Candle Festival and I took some pictures of the pretty lanterns that all the high school kids in Aizu made for the festival. It was really dark, so the pictures aren't too fantastic, but it was really pretty. We went with some of the Japanese staff and it was really cute, Maki-san was herding Ash and I around like a mother hen.

Good times. :3

In other news, Valentines Day came and went here. It's done differently in Japan though. On Valentines Day, girls give chocolate to their friends, and the boys that they like. One month later, March 14th is called White Day and on that day the boys give chocolate back to the girls they like. I made some chocolate and gave it out, I don't know if I'll get any back though. When a boy gives you chocolate, traditionally it means he LIKES you, like, wants to date you. So I dunno if I'll get any back.
Valentines chocolate over here is really beautiful though. Ash got me some and I bought some for myself! I forgot to take pics of the chocolate Ash got me, but this is the one I bought for myself.
 They taste good too. :3

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Ok, so I went to a HUGE party in Aizu a few days ago with like, 2/3 of the staff here. Lol.
We left BH at 4:30 and took a chartered bus to the hotel in Aizu. It was a traditional type hotel, so futons on the floor and it had an onsen and everything! It was fantastic! Best part? ALL WE CAN DRINK! EEEEE~
As soon as we got to the hotel, we popped on the yukata they provided and made a beeline for the onsen. It was heavenly! I wish everywhere had onsens! I doubt they'd be popular at home though. It's basically a communal bath. They had an outdoor one as well, so we ran outside and hopped in. It was wonderful!

Here's some pics of the night. I seriously don't remember too much, but I'll try to add commentary when I see a picture I remember.
The bus to Aizu and the Hotel lobby. It was actually a really classy hotel.
Hotel lobby again and our room. It was lovely.
Miracle drink that prevents hangovers (it really works! I drank a crazy amount and almost no hangover!) and dinner. It was mostly seafood, which means George ate most of my dinner and he gave me beer in return.
Speech and sashimi from dinner (it went to George).
More speeches.
Shinta flashing his THANKYOU panties and Tomo with a gold faucet on his head from Bingo.
Dave won the big prize from Bingo. Yes, I kid you not, we played Bingo at a drinking party. Saito-san won a DVD.
The whole gang together for a photo while we were still almost sober. Talia and Saito-san singing YMCA. 
 More YMCA antics and then Keira joined in.
 They had such a good time that Nurse-Shinta and Tonya joined. Shinta was dressed as a nurse because that's what he won during Bingo. Actually, he was one of the guests of honour so he got to play 2 cards. He was actually the first person to win, and when he got his prize (he pulled a random number out of a box and got the corresponding prize) he opened it and inside was a piece of paper that said "BAKA!" (Japanese for idiot!). When he won again he got the nurse costume. Ahahaha.
 Still singing. And apperently when Japanese people get drunk they like to get naked too.
More singing.

 It was hilarious. Lol.

 Yuta's prize from Bingo was a bald cap. So we all took pictures wearing it.

 It was a great night. It really was. I was the first person to go to bed though! I passed out at around 10:45. Yeahyeah, I know. Lightweight. But still, it was fun. Lots of memories.
I joined a drinking game with Makoto-san (who I never would have thought would drink with me) and I tried sho-chu for the first time. It's a clear, super strong, tasteless, alcohol. It burned on the way down though (there's a video on facebook of me drinking it). And I discovered if I keep drinking it, I don't mind beer. Lol.
Seriously though, it was so much fun.
The next morning, thanks to that orange drink, I didn't feel too awful. Just a little sick. But it soon passed. A visit to the onsen made me feel worlds better. I can't wait to go out with the Japanese staff again.