Friday, July 29, 2011

Food food and more food! ...Oh, and a trip to town.

I totally forgot to post some of the food and drinks I've experienced in the last week or two. Lol. It really seems like all I do here is eat but I really do other things!
 One of our guests was staying for a complimentary stay (she had received an invitation from the president of the company), and she brought us in a big box of peaches! They were lovely. And huge! That peach was the size of my fist! If not, bigger!
 Sometimes Yukichika-san brings drinks for me when I'm at the desk. He brought me these when I was working nights last week. The Qoo one is apple juice and the blue one is iced cocoa. They don't have chocolate milk over here, just iced cocoa which is like cold hot chocolate. Kinda weird. But it tasted good.
 When you work the morning shift any earlier than 7:30 they allow us to go to refectory after the morning buffet is served and we get to make a plate from the buffet too. Usually I go make my own plate, but one day I got a really early call that day and couldn't go right away (I was in the middle of doing a school check out) so Masaki-san made me a plate. This was it. It's huge! I couldn't eat it all. Lol. Yes, they eat salad with breakfast over here. Actually, they eat soup too, but I chose not to eat that. (Masaki-san had put aside a bowl of soup for me. Lol.)
 Yup. Mello Yello is back in Japan. It tastes weird. For some reason I had it in my head that it would taste like Wink or Inca Cola. It tasted like neither of those things. The blue thing is a container of peach ice cream. When I was at the machine debating which one to get, I wanted chocolate but it was sold out. So it was vanilla or the other one. It had a pink label, but the kanji said ピーチ. The first one makes the sound "pi" (pronounced pee) so I assumed it would be peach. Zoe thought it was strawberry. I got it. It was peach. I felt pretty excited. I actually read it right! It was tasty too.

I went out for dinner with Megumi, Yukichika, Helen and Paul yesterday evening. That was fun. When we were going to town to pick up Helen and Paul, Megumi took this secret winding mountain road to get to town. It was like something out of a video game or a movie. It was all dark and quiet with mist in the air. And the trees had grown in such a way that they hung over the road. Like, there were branches that hung down and hit the car. It was kinda creepy. I expected the girl from the Ring or like, Sae Kurosawa to jump out at us at any moment. It was amazing. I didn't take any pictures except for my one dish. Lol. I was too busy eating. The food was good. I had roast pork rice and chicken sasaparilla. The restaurant boasted Asian styled food from 7 countries. It was good.
It was really yummy. The chicken was even better. It was breaded and fried and had a sauce made from cheese, mayo and salsa on it. Amazing. So amazing infact, that I was too busy eating to take a picture. Lol.

I went to town today to get some last minute things for my costume. It's almost done. I'm finishing the outfit tonight, and if the weather stays dry for more than one hour I might be able to spray paint the foam gold and make my staff.
I bought some other things in town today though!
 Ok, this isn't from town. I slept in this morning and had to miss breakfast so I nipped into the shop before I hopped on the bus and I bought some shortbread and a bottle of sparkling pink lemonade for breakfast. Yum.
 For lunch I opted for a something simple from the supermarket. I bought a cafe latte (it was tiramisu flavoured and REALLY GOOD!) and some bread. Unfortunately, the first bread was tamago-pan. Egg bread. I thought it was cheese! I didn't like that one. Lol. the second one was good though. Yeah, it had a sausage in it. It was yummy.
 This was only 500yen! I was going to buy the matching Ayanami Rei figure but I figure one is good...If it's still there next time I go to town though, I'm buying it.
 My amazing new shoes! Only 910yen! I'm adding some ruffles to the top to make them especially awesome.
 Normally I can keep a firm grasp on myself in Black Shop, but today I just couldn't. Lol. So I bought a Sailor Moon figure and yes, that IS a purple llama with a furry thing on a keychain. I couldn't help myself!

George was on the bus with me on the way home. So now everyone is back in the house and we're a family again. It was kinda lonely with everyone gone the last few days.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

No more Beverley bonus...

Beverley left today. She is off to start her Harajuku adventure. It's ok though, she said whenever we are in Tokyo we can get together.

Her party was in the pub on the 22nd. The theme was sexy, glam, cute. You had to dress in one of those styles. I chose sexy.
While we were having the party, the TOSHO filming crew was having a party in the pub as well for finishing their movie shoot. We ended up just all partying together.
Good times were had.

After the party, we went for karaoke (my first time!), it was fun. It was Beverley, Tomo, Gwen, Keira and I. We just got the non alcoholic kind of karaoke (there's two types, with or without alcohol) so that meant that we could have unlimited soft drinks and ice cream as well. It was great. We sang SO much! I had a blast! I can't wait to do it again!
They aperantly have Vocaloid songs at karaoke now too, they had a poster in the lobby to advertise it. I got a picture with it. Ahahah.
Oh yes, I could TOTALLY be a cute pop-star!

Other than that, nothing too exciting here. The boys (George and Paul) are in Tokyo right now, and Helen and Gwen are going there soon too to visit Beverley. So for a few days it'll just be me, Keira, Zoe and Martin. I'm cool with that. Now that George is gone though, I might try to learn how to skateboard. He uses one to get around the house (no really, he does), and I wanted to learn to use it so I can roll around too. Ahaha. But I don't want anyone to watch me  until I have the hang of it (ie - can get from point a to b without falling off/stopping half way through).
My costume is almost done. Just putting the decorations on the skirt now. My elf ears came in yesterday too. They're a riot! I'll post pictures when I put them on for a test run.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Welcome back, Martin!

Yay! Martin is back! He has been away for like, 2 months now. It really feels like the BH family is all back together again (aside from Rob and Rachael, Wendy comes back next month). Martin’s like a goofy older brother, we all love him. To celebrate Martin’s return to the mountain, we had a yukata party! Helen let me borrow one of her yukatas (she has 10!) for the party so I could wear something different this time. It was a lovely bright blue colour with pink flowers. My obi matched perfectly. Belinda was kind enough to tie my obi and fold my yukata for me again. Unfortunately, I worked until 10pm again so I couldn’t do anything with my hair and I was the last one there. It was strange though; there were actually some Japanese staff there for this time. Mori-san, Saito-san, Tatsuru and some others were all sitting at a table together getting drunk. By the time I got to the party, the Japanese crowd was all pretty red-faced and loud. Mori-san and Saito-san even danced and sang to Lady Gaga. I wish I got that on tape. They all fawned over how cute I looked in yukata though. I felt special. Lol.
(Zoe and I being frightened for our lives during the fire drill.)

I’m quite excited! Martin, George and I were talking that evening, and we’re going to start Lan-partying together with Titan’s Quest and Diablo II! Turns out, they both like Diablo II as well and are anticipating the Diablo III release. I’m so excited! I haven’t Lan-partied with people that will actually stay awake till late in forever. Sure, I Lan’d with Kyle and Ryan, but Kyle couldn’t stay awake past 11pm and that always killed the party. I’m looking forward to some all-nighter Lan partying! Seriously, I’m really happy. Ahaha.

My cosplay is almost finished. Just all the little nitpicky things I have to finish now. Like putting the gold Silvermoon crest on the front of the skirt and figuring out what I am going to put on the back of the skirt, draping the chains from the front and getting some gold sheer fabric to hang off the back. And making those glove things that only cover your arm but not actually your hand. And making my staff…. Yeah…just little things. When I get my ears though, I’m definitely putting them on and taking pictures so everyone can see. Ahaha. Can’t wait for that. Zoe and I booked our extra nights in Nagoya the other day, and now we’re trying to get everything sorted for our trip to Evangelion World. We’re thinking of cosplaying for that too. Lol. 

So I’ve decided on the theme for Ash and Dave’s welcome to the mountain party. SEEING DOUBLE (Twin) PARTY! Everyone has to dress like someone else, or dress in matching outfits. Can’t wait! 
 Ash and I watched Harry Potter 7.5 together and Skype’d at the same time the other day. That was nice. But it was sad at the same time. We both cried. There’s something in that movie that hits really close to home, and it really scares both of us, especially since we’re apart right now. Ash is buying matching bracelets for us on Friday. They’re Harry Potter themed but not lame. They have a quote inscribed on them. One says “You’ll stay with me?” and the other says “Until the very end.” We got all teary when we saw them. Aww. <3

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry Freaking Potter.

Yes, I saw Harry Potter Part 7.5 last night.
Yuta, Keira, Zoe, Sam, Mike, Belinda and I all went together. Yuta, Keira and I went down to Shirakawa first for dinner, and met up with Sam. We went to Big Boy. It was yummy!
After dinner, everyone came to Big Boy to meet, and we all drove to the theatre. It was a pretty cool theatre. Smallish screen, but the seats were really comfy. And it was really well planned for height. My feet were right behind someone's head. So there was NO chance of not being able to see the movie because someone is tall.
Before the movie, we went to TRIAL (kinda like Liquidation World and Walmart mixed together) and looked around to kill time. I found three awesome shirts. I totally want the red one.
 Things. We all really love them.
Yes, so the movie was fantastic. I won't spoil anything, but there's one part that hit really close to home for Ashley and I, and as such I cried my eyes out at that point. I was the only one from our group that cried. Ahaha. It was sad though.
It was funny, right before the movie, Zoe and I were talking about The Three Musketeers, and how she watched it the night previous. And someone asked which version it was (Kiefer Sutherland version) and she said it's old, but ok because they make a new one every 10 years or so anyway. And then the previews started. And guess what? The first one we see is a Three Musketeers preview! Crazy!
Also, the Japanese "don't videotape movies or steal them that's bad" commercial is the beset one I've ever seen.
Zoe filmed it. Ahahah.

 Yeah, good times were had.
 So after the movie, we all piled back into our cars and drove home. Yuta made a pit stop at a 7-11 and bought me a melon soda.
Yay. I love melon soda!
I slept most of the way home though. Ahaha. I never can stay awake in a car.
Great times though! Can't wait to go on another field trip together!

Fire drill tonight. That will be interesting.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Party in Shirakawa!

I was walking to the relaxation room the other day and I heard lots of birdies chirping while I was walking up. I looked up and there was a nest full of baby birds! There was 5 of them!
I think they flew from the nest today. Yay!

After dinner yesterday I was walking to the staff house and I bumped into Keira who asked if I wanted to go for a car ride. Of course, I said yes. Tatsuru had to go to Shirakawa and said he wouldn't mind some company, so it was Keira, Gwen and I that went with him. The ride down was filled with singing and whatnot, then we got to Mega Stage and we looked around in the electronics store while Tatsuru exchanged his camera. They have Disney phones! Like, cell phones. They're amazing. I want oneee.
After that, we went and did purikura at Aeon. That was fun! I love purikura! :D
After, we went for a snack at one of the restaurants at Mega Stage. Keira and I had dessert first ahaha, but after that we had cheese pizza and pizza with salami on it. It was awesome.
 Yummm! The pudding was amazing.
After that we left Shirakawa to some back up the mountain. On the way back up, we saw a boar! That was cool!
We ended up walking to the view point when we got home, and as we were walking, there were tons of fireflies out and about, so we saw dozens of them all twinkling. And the moon was really bright as well. It was a really romantic night actually.

Today, I had the day off so I spent it sewing and watching Disney movies. Ahaha. I did take a break from my cosplay sewing to go outside and walk through the garden.
Almost all the roses are gone now. It's sad. They were lovely while they were in bloom.
Zoe, Gwen and I went to the gym and recorded me doing a dance for a dance contest I'm entering. When it's all edited proper I'll post it. Ahahaha. It's awful. Lol.
Zoe, George and I went swimming after that. We really needed it, it was super hot today! I love having a pool, really. It's a lifesaver