Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Town with Martin.

Went to town with Martin yesterday. It's the last time we'll be in town together because he leaves soon. I don't want to talk about that, so on to the trip.

We took the bus down with the interns. It was their leaving day, so we went on the bus with them and it was so sad, for the first 15minutes on the bus all they did was cry about how they would miss us. Especially Michie-san. It was sad. ;  3;
When we got to the station, they had about 45mins to wait for their train so Martin and I waited with them and kept them company. We promised to meet up for drinks in Tokyo sometime. Yay.

So after that, Martin and I went for okonomiyaki. OMGYUM. I always forget how amazing it tastes and I really don't know what I'm going to do when I go home and don't have access to it. Whilst making our different ones, mine were noticeably less neat and orderly than Martin's. His was perfect looking. Mine, was not. We had an intense discussion about which one was better. Mine, because I respected it and allowed it to be free and shape itself and it's own destiny, or Martin's which had been shaped from birth with no input in what it was going to be. I think I won the argument.
 After okonomiyaki, we hopped over to Off House to look around and I bought a new yukata and cheater obi. It's nice. I won't have to pester Belinda for obi-tying anymore.
And after Off House, we skipped over to Sega World and spent too much money on things we didn't win. And did purikura.
Well, that's not exactly true. I did win like, 3 things. But not the big pillow I wanted or the figure Martin really wanted. Eh, you win some, you lose some.
Yes that IS Elmo dressed as Hello Kitty. And that white thing I have no idea, but it was easy to win. I won two of them so I gave the other one to Martin.
We did purikura, yay! :D
 That last one is my favourite of the bunch. :3
And lastly, we ran to Black Shop for a quick look around. I found an AMAZING Rose of Versailles figure for Ash that Martin helped me buy and he helped me get a few cute Halloween Evangelion figures. :D All in all, a good day. Sad in a way, but good.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tag team!

Ok, on to the pictures!
 Utsunomiya and the food I ate that day.
 Angelic Pretty's new shop and Barbie Boutique.
 Shrine in Utsunomiya and barbeque from when we went rice harvesting.
 After we washed up and went out for the barbeque, we were immediately handed a pint of Asahi and told "otsukaresama-deshita" or something like that. It means "thanks for your good work". The man in the dark jacket was Ito-san, the man who took us to harvest.
 Ashley on her futon in the ryokan. (A traditional Japanese styled hotel) It was amazing.
 More shit I don't need from UFO catchers. I won 3 of the Hello Kitty things. It's a pouch you hang from your purse. I gave one to Ashley and I'm sending one to my other friend Ashlie.
 Ashley getting her hair dyed and Martin...in a towel. And 1/2 his uniform.
 The other day, Mori-san told us to come up to the office and get some candy. Apperently it was donated for Fukushima by a candy association. I thought that was sweet. Pun intended.
We both took a bag and filled it, and Mori-san was pushing us to take more lol. Apperently some people took BOXES and filled them up with sweets. Ahahaha.