Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rest day.

Today I was supposed to meet up with a buddy in Shinjuku. But we didn't really get too clear with the area to meet up, so we ended up missing each other. We both just went home.
It's ok though, I am super tired so I didn't mind having the day to recover and relax.
On the way home from Shinjuku station I bought a piece of cake. It was just too good looking to pass up!
It tasted as good as it looked. Lol.
Before that though, I had a plate of curry with Natchan. Natchan is an orange drink here. It's quite tasty. :3
Yup. I came home and took a nap. Very exciting.


 Wow. If that place was any sweeter, I'd pass out. Seriously, soooo cute! Because it was our birthdays, we all got special cards to hang around our necks, and everywhere we went a staff member would put a sticker on it and say "otajoubi, omedetou gozaimasu! Happi birsuday!" it was really sweet.
 Puroland is mostly attractions. There were only 2 rides.
I managed to film some of the boat ride. It's really cute!

The place was really cutesy. Here, have some pictures:
There are some more pictures, but they're on Wendy's camera, so I won't have them till she uploads them. :3
I ended up buying a really cute purse there. The only thing I bought the whole time! Be proud!
One of the things to do while we were there was participate in "The Next Hello Kitty" game. It's a series of 7 mini-games that Hello Kitty has set up to discover who the next ruler of her kingdom will be. (Kitty is the Queen) Whoever wins all the mini-games becomes the heir to the throne. At the end they take your picture. And depending what outcome you get, your background and frame change. I won, so I got the cool frame and cute background. :3
So during the course of the day, my feet started to really hurt. I was wearing my pink boots and I still haven't broken them in yet so they really make my feet blister. By the end of the day, my feet hurt so bad, I was limping and shuffling. Like, really really slow. I think a turtle would have outrun me. Wendy was kind enough to switch shoes with me until we got me some new shoes. The first shop we found was Daiso. I ended up buying some bright pink flip flops.
 After getting new shoes, we went for dinner. I was ravenously hungry and really thirsty. I got steakkkkk. It was beautiful. Like reuniting with a lost lover. I didn't even get a picture. I was too busy eating. I did however get a picture of dessert. I got a crepe! It was tasty. Strawberry and chocolate with cream.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Harajuku + Akihabara

Yup, the title says it all. I went to Harajuku and Akihabara today.
Here's what I wore for the 1st 1/2 of the day:

OMG. Harajuku and I...we should get married. Just sayin'. It was like, my dream shopping area. I saw SO many lolitas! And they were all adorable. It was raining when I arrived to Harajuku but luckily I had my trusty parasol so I was fine. When you hop off the train the first thing you see is the famous bridge that cosplayers and lolitas hang out on. Unfortunately, they only do this on Sundays, and when I arrived, I was litterally the only lolita on the bridge.
Yup. Pretty empty.
I quickly set out to find the famous shopping area. Oh, I found it.
1) A stand with cute shirts  2) A cute accessory shop
3 + 4) Cute fairy kei outfits outside of some shops.
5 + 6) ACDC storefront
7) Kitson storefront (Kitson is a popular brand) 8) View down the hall from Angelic Pretty.

I tried to get more pics of the shops, but I was so distracted! So much to see!
I stopped into one really cute shop that Helen told me about and OMG. It was so cute!
 So cute!
I ended up buying another lucky pack for myself. And one for Ash. I got a Metamorphose pack for myself, and a Liz Lisa pack for Ash. They were both a good deal. Ash's in particular was awesome.
1) Metamorphose lucky bag  2) Liz Lisa lucky bag
3) Metamorphose lucky pack contents  4) Liz Lisa lucky bag contents.
I was quite pleased with my bag. And I'm sure Ash will love hers. Mine had quite a bit of stuff in it. It came with an extra bag as well! They must have put 2 in by accident. That's ok though, that means there's one for Ash too.
On the way back to the hostel I made a pit stop at the local Family Mart (convenience store) and grabbed a few essentials. The hostel didn't supply any bathing stuff so I needed shampoo and conditioner and some soap. Yeah, I got the Hello Kitty soap. Lol. I also grabbed some snacks.
 After I refreshed myself I made plans to go out with Wendy and her friend Beck for dinner. We ended up going to Akihabara! It's surprisingly close to where I'm staying. It was amazing!
We wandered for forever trying to find a cafe to eat in that wasn't a maid cafe. There were girls in maid costumes EVERYWHERE. Handing out flyers and whatnot. Like seriously. Everywhere. I tried to get a picture with one but she said that if we wanted a picture we had to go to her cafe it was "very famous!" and if we got an omelette from the cafe she would "draw cute things with ketchup sauce!" We politely declined and kept walking.
This was outside a shop selling AKB 48 merch. Clever marketing ploy. From far away, it really looked like one of the girls. Up close though it's kinda scary.
ANIMATE! I didn't even go in! D:
Eventually we found a place to eat. We all took advantage of the drink bar. (Basically free refills that you get yourself.) I got the "teriyaki chicken steak". There was nothing steak about it. It was just chicken. Good though.
Melon soda and chicken steak.
Dessert! Ice cream with coffe flavoured jelly. Was really good.
After dinner we walked around and found an arcade with purikura on the basement floor. Beck had never done it before and it's my favourite thing in the whole world so we did it. They offered a free cosplay as well for people who wanted it! So we all cosplayed. I was someone from Evangelion, Beck was from Kannon, and Wendy was just a maid. Ahaha. After I changed I saw there were two other cosplayers that had made their own costumes. IT WAS RIN AND LEN! OMG. Great wigs. Unfortunately I couldn't get pics because it was against the rules of the building. They were really cute! Here's our pictures:
Funfun. After that, I realized I had forgotten my glasses at the restaurant. So we had to walk all the way back and get them. On the way, we passed a Vocaloid display in a window!
We also walked by a variety store and while inside I saw an Evangelion themed blind box. After making puppy eyes and showing Wendy, she bought it for me. I got the D-8 of doom! Yay!
 After that, it was time to go home. We parted company because I could just take the train from there! So convenient. No switching or anything. Yay.
I had to walk through the temple area to get home and I took some pictures of the temple at night. Quite pretty.