Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tokyo Disney and Visiting with Aviva

So I went for a quick trip to Tokyo recently. I was getting cabin fever being trapped up here. I went to Tokyo Disney and the next day I went out with my buddy Aviva.

So, Tokyo Disney. It's awesome. Basically it's regular Disney from Florida, but it's in Tokyo. And it's a touch smaller. That's about it. The castle is nicer though. It was quite pretty. It was also nice because it wasn't too cold. Here, take a lookie at it for yourself.
 I was there from 11am till 8:30pm. Good day. When I was getting pics of the castle, this group of cute school girls came over and wanted a picture with me, so of course I agreed. :3
They kept calling me "onee-chan" (big sis in Japanese) and asking "Onee-chan, picture ok?" of course I couldn't say no. When I brandished my camera for a picture too they got really excited.
It was pretty cool though, wait times weren't that bad in the park because it was a week day. So the most time I spent waiting for a ride was about 45mins. Which for Japan and Disney is pretty damn good. I got to do Space Mountain twice (!) both times with a fast pass and I did Star Tours twice as well. It was great.
After going back to my hostel, I decided food was necessary and I had POUTINE. OHGOD. It was glorious!
I was so happy. I bought a Pepsi to go with it because it made me think of Dad. I really enjoyed it. Lol.
While I'm talking about the hostel, it was great this time! I was booked in a dorm room I was supposed to share with 3 other girls...but there were no people booked into my room the entire time I was in Tokyo! I had the whole place to myself! It was great!
Ok, back to the story.
I had some time to kill in the morning, so I went for a walk around Ikebukuro and I found this cute cafe called Milky Way. I decided to have lunch there. It was amazingly cute.
 Their window display and the view of the street from my table.
 Blue Hawaii frozen drink and my buffalo chicken sandwich. Both were yummy!
I spent the rest of the day with Aviva, and we went shopping and looking at the lights. I don't have any pictures of what I bought yet (I didn't really buy anything) nor do I have pics of what I won at the UFO catcher place (I won 2 cute alpaca plushies at the same time!) but I'll upload them eventually.
After shopping, we went for dessert with her hubby. I bought a parfait. It was amazing.
Yes, that cup says "Hoe garden" I think that really is what made the parfait special. Lol. We only saw a few lights in the city because we ended up meeting these really nice Japanese people at the cafe and we talked with them for like, 45mins! They were super nice, turns out they all work for a bagel company.
Here's some of the lights in Shinjuku:
Before I came back the next day I bought a cupcake for Ash and I from this amazingly cute bakery that I had stumbled upon the day before.
They were so cute it was almost painful. I also snapped a picture of the current Angelic Pretty display at LaForet in Harajuku. So amazingly cute. @____@
Yup, and then I came home. And good times were ahead, I assure you. The big office party in Aizu was coming.

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